About me

Why did you become a computer programmer?

In short, I love solving problems. And programming is really nothing else than solving problems. Plus for many clients what I do is almost like magic. I have kind of superpowers, you know. That’s pretty cool. What’s more, I love to make my clients’ lives easier, and this job can simplify things that seemed incomprehensible.

How long have you been programming?

I’ve been programming for about 9 years now, and that includes about 7 years of working professionally.

What kind of projects do you do most often?

I’m a Web Developer, so I do websites, web applications, scripts. Frontend and Backend. Thinking of focusing more on the backend, machine learning, big data.

What programming languages do you use?

Mostly PHP and JavaScript. I also use a lot of HTML, CSS (SASS). I’m very flexible and if I need to use another language I can learn it pretty fast. For databases I use MySQL and mongoDB. For version control I use Git.

What kind of hardware have you got?

I have a PC I use as a git server (and for gaming ;)) and a Macbook Air 13″ for programming.

What kind of editor do you use?

Sublime Text 3 with a bunch of cool plugins.

What is your advice for novice programmers?

The beginning is the most difficult part of the process. Be persistent and remember that whatever problem you might have – the chances are good that someone had it before you. So, use Google and Stackoverflow a lot! Also, the best way to learn programming is by doing, therefore find a problem to solve and try to solve it using programming. Reading books and watching tutorials can only take you so far.